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Frequently Asked Questions



What is a Cake Pop?
Cake Pops are part of the latest trend in culinary arts that offer a mouthwatering desert in a single serving.  They’re a delicious piece of cake lathered in chocolate and served on a stick!  Deelicious Pops takes these perfect little treats to a whole new level.  Our pops are baked with only the finest ingredients and hand made to deliver the most deliciously moist cake pop you’ve ever had.

What is the texture of a cake pop like?
Cake pops have the texture of a dense moist piece of cake.

How many flavors can I get in my order?
Flavors are per dozen, but may vary during special promotions.

Why can I only get one flavor per dozen?
We make all cakes fresh to order per customer, we do not use leftover cake or freeze un-dipped cake balls.  This way you have a fresh delightful treat made just for you.

How can I place an order?
You can inquire about an order by completing our online order form (prefered) or from our contact page.  Once we get the information about your order, we’ll contact you and work out the details.  Because cake pop orders usually require some form of communication, a submission of an online order form is NOT a confirmation of an order.  It's just a way for us to gather your order's information.  Within 24 hours of receiving your order information, we'll contact you.  When all the details of your order have been collected and availability has been confirmed, an invoice with your order information will be provided for your review.  The invoice is your order confirmation.

How large are your pops?
Our pops are about four bites each and about 2 inches wide. We recommend one cake pop per person as a party favor / place card or two to three per person if it is to replace the dessert at an event.

How long do your cake pops last?
Our cake pops stay fresh for about ten days in a sealed container at room temperature. 

How far in advance do we need to place an order?
Each order is custom made and baked fresh, therefore, we ask that every order be placed at least a week ahead of time. Although, the sooner the better as we can only take a limited amount of orders each week.

Do you take last minute orders?
We do take last minute orders however due to the nature of the pops being custom made, some designs we cannot fulfill in the short time allowed. Late orders are also subject to availability.

Can you make cake pop arrangements?
Yes, we can create a display arrangement (see our gallery) for your cake pops.  It can be custom tailored to match your event’s theme.  When no arrangement is requested, we provide our cake pops in a decorative box (per dozen).

Do your pops come individually wrapped?
Yes, all of our pops come individually wrapped and tied with decorative ribbon to match at no extra cost.

Do you ship during the summer months?
We ship during summer, however, due to high temperatures we must ship overnight.

How can I pay for my order?
We accept payment via PayPal or Google Wallet (formally known as Google Checkout).

Do you have a store front?
At this moment we do not have a store front, but all local orders can be picked up in Staten Island, New York or shipped.

Do you ship your cake pops?
We can ship pops anywhere in the continental United States. Shipping is done via FEDEX Priority, which takes generally 2-3 days.

What happens if my shipment arrives damaged?
We pack all our pops with bubble wrap to make sure they arrive safely.  Damage rarely occurs. However, once they leave our hands we cannot be held responsible for the way they are handled during the shipment. We cannot refund any damaged or delayed shipments and/or products. We cannot be responsible for goods damaged or delayed due to weather, due to the recipient not being at the shipping destination at the time of delivery, or due to product being left outside in warm or hot temperatures.

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